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MC 20 Ride on Maserati 24V Kids Electric Car

MC 20 Ride on Maserati 24V Kids Electric Car

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Kids Electric Car with Parents Remote Control

The ideal enhancement to any playroom is this 2-seater ride-on car for kids, modeled after the Maserati MC20 and powered by a 24V battery. With its sleek exterior and authentic Maserati appearance, this car is a great fit for children aged 3-8 years. The car can accommodate a maximum weight of 130 lbs and offers a long-lasting ride thanks to its 24V 14AH battery. Additionally, it has durable EVA tires, luxurious leather seats, and LED lights to provide a lifelike driving experience. You can connect your preferred music through its USB, Bluetooth, and radio capabilities. Allow your little one to explore and enjoy the open road in style with this distinctive and fashionable Maserati ride! Very Powerful, and it comes with a remote controller for the parents to use when there kid is younger.

Runs on 24 Voltages

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